Push Notifications SfB/Lync 2013 – Best Practices

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I’m going to tell you about Push notifications. Push Notifications are very useful if you are using Lync 2010 with iOS or Lync 2010/Lync 2013 with Windows Phone devices, because the device can advice you with icons, alerts or another forms for events, calls, IM or VM. In this way, if you have enable the Push Notification Service in your SfB/Lyc 2013 environment. This service will sent the notifications to the Apple Push Notification Service (APNS) or to the Microsoft Push Notification Service (MPNS) it depends of the device of course.

To enable Push notifications you need to set to TRUE the value “ElableApplePushNotificationService”. To enable that, follow next steps:

Connect to a powershell console (remote powershell or local on a lync server) with elevated permissions and execute the following command:

Set-CSPushNotificationConfiguration -EnableApplePushNotificationService $True

After that, you can verify your new configuration, to do that, execute this cmdlet:


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If you are using Lync 2010 on a iOS device and have some issues with push notifications, the following article would be interesting for you:


Apply this configuration is not mandatory, but is a best practices and it is recommended.

I hope this information will be useful