Updating CU Lync 2013 – AudioCodes SBA (Step-By-Step)

Hello guys!

I think that you know how to install a Microsoft Lync 2013 Cumulative Update on any Lync server but, Do you know how to install a cumulative update on an Audiocodes SBA?

To install a cumulative update on an Audiocodes SBA, you have two ways to do it: First, you can contact with your Audiocodes provider and he could (or could not) provide you the binaries to update the system (or wait many times for a response). Or second, you can install as another FE server. It is simple. On the topology, you registered this machine as an SBA, so the wizard only install the binaries that the SBA needs (Registrar and mediation).

Download “lyncserverupdateinstaler.exe” from the appropriate Microsoft Library. If you need some help, perhaps this link could be useful for you:


Now, connect to your SBA with Terminal Services and execute wizard (with elevated privileges). As you can see, the wizard shows only the components that it is required and/or were not updated:


Next step, click on install updates and keep calm.


When install process have finished, you can see a summary in the CMD console.


After that, you can check logs in the “lyncserverupdateinstaler.exe” directory.


Then, if it is needed, restart the machine, if it isn’t needed…. anyway, please restart the machine. It is a best practices. Remember do that when you can. It means that, if you have a production infrastructure, You should to realize the changes, after business hours.

If the process is completed correctly, you will have a Lync 2013 Updated on an Audiocodes SBA.


I hope this information will be useful