Audiocodes – Solve Issues with accented DisplayNames

Sometimes you have on a site some users with a display Name with special Characters. Well, if you have an audiocodes in the site you can have a problem. Audiocodes doesn’t accept calls with special characters in the display name by default. The ISO 8859 charset is the cause.


Calls always fail. But if you change the number to another user without special characters, the call can be made.


To solve this problem you need to apply in your Audiocodes the ISO 8859 charset:

“iso8859-charset no-accented”

Please, follow next steps to apply the ISO 8859:

Connect to Audiocodes with SSH, and enable the appliance to configure with administrator password


Next step, type “configure voip” to access to Voip configuration page.


Then, type “gw digital gw digital-gw-parameters” to access to GW Configuration.


Next step, type “iso8859-charset not-accented” to enable this charset, and then type “activate” to activate new features.


And then, exit from configure page and restart the appliance.

I hope this information will be useful for you



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