Enable Telnet on VVX Devices (Telnet Commands)

Hello all

My adventurous soul have discovered a new way to check stats, settings and more things without use web interface of Polycom VVX.

You can show more information using telnet (very useful for administrators and for troublesooting). However, Telnet is disabled by default on all Polycom device. If you want to use Telnet on VVX devices, you need to activate it, but the option doesn’t appear neither the phone menu or web interface. You need to create a cfg file to enable it.

To do that, open a notepad and type the following command:

<telnet diags.telnetd.enabled=”1″></telnet>

Then, you can rename it how you want, for examble “enableTelnet” but you need to ensure that the extension of this file is .cfg

After that, you must connect with VVX web interface and import this file using “import and export” configuration.


After that, you can connect by telnet to the device. By default, the user is “Polycom” but the password is the same that you configure in your Admin user (so if you didn’t change the default password, it will be “456“). (Note! If you have a mistake introducing username or pasword, it is probably that you need to restart the phone).


NOTE! Do not forget to create another cfg file to disable Telnet after you finish your configuration (If not, you will have a very high security hole). This file must have the following command:

<telnet diags.telnetd.enabled=”0″></telnet>

When you use “import and export” configuration to disable Telnet, phone will be restarted

How you have much possibilities availables to use commands. You can find below, a list of “Polycom Telnet commands” available to adapt to your needs (also you can obtain this list typing “help” on the command prompt):

addScheduledLogEntry  Adds a command to be run periodically that outputs to the phone’s log.
appPrt  Show UI’s call status.
arpShow  Display the contents of the ARP table.
auth  Change authentication level
BtoeHide  Send call hide request.
BtoeUnhide  Send call Unhide request.
certBackOffInfo  Show Cert Back off info
certBackOffSet  Show Cert Back off info
cfgParamName  Show cfg Param info by passing param name
cfgProvFileTemplateUpload  Uploads templates of the current non-default config to the boot server
cfgProvFlashTemplateUpload  Uploads templates of the current flash config to the boot server
changeRtpConfig  Change RTP/RTCP configuration for ongoing Incoming/Outgoing DECT call
changeRtpConfigForAll  Change RTP/RTCP configuration for all new Incoming/Outgoing DECT calls
checkStack  Checks the stack.
configSyslogSet  Set Syslog parameters in the flash.
                (Server Address, Server Type, Facility, Render level, Prepend MAC)
confShow  Show conference info.
coreAudio  Print core audio information.
coreDumpEncrypt  Set to enable core dump encryption.
cpuLoadShow  Display CPU load (period (s), number of iterations).
cpuUsageShow  Display CPU usage by running Linux top command. [pid]
date  Display the current date.
dbsinfo  Display the database service information
deferwatchdog  Defer All watchdog timers
DelAuthSvcDB  Delete authSvc folder in flash
dhcpcParamsShow  Show DHCP client parameters.
dnsCacheShow  Show DNS cache records.
ds  Debug Services
dspLoadGraphToggle  Toggle DSP load graph between DSP-core-only load and total DSP thread load.
dspLoadShow  Display DSP load (period (s), number of iterations).
dump  Dump file to terminal, including decompressing compressed files
endErrShow  Show END device error stats.
ethBufPoolShow  Display the state of the ethernet pool stack(no parameters)
ethFilterShow  Show Ethernet ingress filter stats.
flkChangeMaxUsers  Changes the max number of user customizations on phone. Usage : flkChangeMaxUsers <number>
flkInitBookKeeping  Initializes the book keeping for FLK. Usage : flkInitBookKeeping <filename(optional)>
fschk  Check phone’s file system
gcovflush  flushes gcov report, upload it to boot server and cleanup.
getBToEPairingCode  Show BToE Pairing Code.
getLyncStatusInfo  Display Lync Status Information
help  Shows basic help for all commands.
hostShow  Show host table.
i  Display status of the specified process, or all running processes (Process_name (optional))
icmpstatShow  Show ICMP statistics.
ifShow  Display ethernet interface statistics (no parameters)
inetstatShow  Show transport layer network status.
iosFdShow  Show file descriptors in use.
ipstatShow  Show IP layer network statistics.
keyPrt  Shows information about the key mapping.
la  List all files in the flash filesystem, including subdirectories.
lfu  Send the logfiles to the provisioning server(no parameters).
linkShow  Show link status.
ll  List files in the flash filesystem (long format).
logd  Dump the log, parameter is reverse order or not.
logda  Print all available log modules and their current level.
logFullSip  Enable:1 or Disable:0 full sip message logging. If enabled fragmented SIP packets are not logged but whole
SIP message is logged
logl  Set the lowest log level which will be displayed (0-6)
logr  Set the renderStdout parameter for the log.
logreg  Set the registration list for sip message log filtering
logs  Set the log level output for a given module ([module] [0-6])
logsa  Set the log level output for all modules. ([0-6])
logt  Set the log display type (0-2)
ls  List files in the flash filesystem.
medSess  Show detailed information on the current media session(s),
medSessStat  medSessStat- Show call statistics of the active media session(s)
memShow  Display heap memory statistics.
mRouteShow  Display IP routing table.
msCallPark  Show detailed information on the MS Call Park session(s),
ncasCb  Show detailed ncas information, related to either call services,
Non call services, or server information (1, 2, or 3)
ncasMisc  Show misc. Non-call information (no parameters)
neighborCacheShow  Display the contents of Neighbor Cache Table
netCCB  Display open RTP ports and their status (no parameters)
netRxShow  Show network receive stats summary.
nslookup  Find the IP for a given hostname
pcapUpload  Upload background packet capture file
ping  Ping a given host (IPv4 or DNS name) [,Data Len in Bytes]
ping6  Ping a given host (IPv6 or DNS name) [,Data Len in Bytes]
printCurrentLocation  GENBAND: Print the current Location Description.
printCurrentTimestamp  GENBAND: Print the current Location information timestamp.
printLocationtree  GENBAND: Print the Location Tree.
pwrsvStat  display power saving status and configuration.
removeScheduledLogEntry  Remove a scheduled log entry.
resPrt  Show information about the resource finder.
routeShow  Display the contents of the routing table(no parameters)
rpcapSecureConnect  Connect to secure packet capture SSH gateway server
rpcapSecureStop  Close connection to secure packet capture SSH gateway server
setLocationID  GENBAND: Set the new locationID.
setTimestamp  GENBAND: Set a new timestamp to force location tree download.
showBackupConfig  Display backup configuration as stored in flash (no parameters)
showChannel  Display Ptt Page Channels information
showDeviceUpdateInfo  Display the Device Update configurations.
showEcho  Show acoustic echo cancellation/suppression status.
showGains  Show acoustic termination gains.
showHdPcm  Show Headset PCM channel status.
showHfPcm  Show Hands-free (chassis) PCM channel status.
showHsPcm  Show Handset PCM channel status.
showPcmAll  Show all PCM channels status.
showPowerSource  Detect power source
showQoeConfig  Prints QoE Configuration
showRunningConfig  Display the current running configuration (no parameters)
showStoredConfig  Display configuration as stored in flash (no parameters)
showUCDInfo  Display the Device Update configurations.
sipOutageToggle  toggle : create or remove outage.
sipPrt  Show SIP stack status.
sipSetAdmSubExp  set Exp SipCallStateSubscribeRoamingSelfOnBehalfOfBoss.
sspsDspBuf  Request DSP buffer status.
sspsMsgShow  Show msg hdi buffers.
sspsShow  Show hdi buffers.
sspsShowMix  Show mixer bindings.
streams  Show detailed information on the active RTP streams
syslogl  Set the lowest syslog level which will be displayed (0-6)
syslogsr  Set the syslog server IP address or Hostname
syslogtr  Set the syslog transport method [udp|tcp|none]
tcpstatShow  Show TCP network statistics.
testNand  Test a NAND block (non-destructive): testNand <blocks> <iterations>
testRam  Allocates and tests a buffer in SDRAM: testRam <alloc_size> <iterations>
time  Show current time.
timerShow  Show rtos timer information.
top  Run Linux top command. [pid]
tpcpStatus  Show TPCP Conversation status.
traceroute  Display the route taken by packets across an IP network for a given host (IPv4 or DNS name)
traceroute6  Display the route taken by packets across an IP network for a given host (IPv6 or DNS name)
TSID  Push the Tech Support Information Dump to the log (Does not reboot).
udpstatShow  Show UDP network statictics.
uiXml  Returns the UIXML command output.
upbasedeferval  Update base defer value
uploadCSR  Upload Generated private key and CSR [ Common Name Org Country State EmailAddress ]
uptime  Show phone uptime.
usbShow  Display USB port name (Plugged in a USB device before running this.)
utilBufPoolStatus  Display RTP current memory usage.
version  Display software and hardware version numbers.
wtPrt  Show Web Ticket status.

I hope this information will be useful for you.

Thank you

Best Regards


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