Users on Limited Features when Audiocodes Gateway Restart (Issue?)

When you restart your Audiocodes Gateway, your users change their status to “Limited features”?



Have you ever asked yourself why you lost connectivity with your SBA when you reboot your Audiocodes Gateway?

Here is the answer:


If you have an Audiocodes Mediant as SBA, you know that it is necessary to use the WebGui to configure it (This is Awful!). Deployment Wizard can’t be used, because Audiocodes SBAs doesn’t have bootstrapper.exe and Deployment Wizard doesn’t work.

As you know, Audiocodes Mediant have many modules. It have a Gateway module, an OSN module (for Operating System) and also it have a little switch module, this module is internal and it isn’t available to configure (as far as I know).

Well, known this. On WebGui for the SBA configuration. We will asked for IP Settings. In this moment, we can select one of the four network interfaces of the Audiocodes OSN Module: two internal interfaces and two external interfaces.


THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! You can choose anyone, but if you choose one of the internal interfaces, you are choosing an interface that it is connected directly with the internal little switch. So if you need to restart the gateway module (for any reason), you also restart the little switch, so you will lose connectivity with your SBA and your users will enter on survival mode.


If you have two core network ports to connect both modules (Gateway and OSN), always choose external network interface, in this way you will have the two modules separated for modifies, troubleshooting or any other thing that you need.

If you have only the possibility of a core network port, and you need to use internal interface, you will remember that if you make changes on the gateway that requires restart, you will lose connectivity with your SBA and you users show the message and they will have limited features while the gateway is restarting.

I hope this information will be useful



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